About Us

UNIGLOBE Travel is the leading international travel management system specializing in providing travel services to small to mid-size enterprise. The UNIGLOBE organization presently comprises locations in more than 60 countries across every continent, operating under a well-recognized brand, common system and services standards.

UNIGLOBE Travel has its world headquarters in Vancouver, BC, Canada with an annual system-wide sales volume of $5.0+ billion.

UNIGLOBE Nasser Air Travel is owned and operated by Nasser Abdulla Lootah Group who founded the business in 1974 . The business has grown to be one of the largest travel companies in the UAE Through a dedicated team of professionals committed to service and technology, UNIGLOBE Nasser Air Travel is the leading choice for business travel and services local businesses.

UNIGLOBE Nasser Air Travel serves over 150 corporate clients and is well-positioned for future growth. Our team has an average of 10+ years of industry experience and an average of 5 years at UNIGLOBE Nasser Air Travel.

The company’s value lies in its ability to leverage the international brand in conjunction with the benefit of a locally based, hands-on supplier. Through collaboration with its worldwide partners, UNIGLOBE Nasser Air Travel has focused on best practices, new technologies, and creative sourcing, to the benefit of its corporate clients.

For UNIGLOBE Nasser Air Travel each corporate client is unique; processes and technologies are adapted to the client needs, to create a customized program offering.